How do you disable crosshair?

Catnip21Catnip21 Member Posts: 2
Hi, I enjoy games where all Hud markings can be removed, I always search for info regarding these options to see if they are available before purchase as I find games far more enjoyable, immersive and challenging with all assists removed. I couldn't find any specific info, but saw one of your videos advertising the game with someone playing the game with no onscreen markings whatsoever, so assumed it contained these options. However I can't find it anywhere, even hardcore mode doesn't do it. I am playing on PS4, I know PC have user created mods that offer options like this, but it was definetly an official Evespace video I witnessed, so I'm wondering how you acheive the desired effect please, thanks.


  • Catnip21Catnip21 Member Posts: 2
    I should make clear that its mainly the crosshair that I wish to remove, personally I detest hitmarkers and avoid games that feature them that dont include a option to disable or remove it.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, there is an option on PC (which basically is just there so you can make nice screenshots, and also fur us to capture footage for trailers) where you can hide the HUD by pressing "H". There are no plans for such on option on PS4 (we are limited regarding button mappings). I don't think you'd really want to hide the crosshair, it is pretty essential, especially the energy bar underneath it. Granted, on PS4 it is centered by default (there is an option for floating crosshair as well), but for mouse controls it's impossible to play without crosshair.
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