Patch 1.2.3 - Changelog

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We've just released a new patch with more than 40 tweaks and bugfixes, quite a number of them are VR related. HOTAS/Joystick players will be pleased to hear that we've added an option that disables any in-game input smoothing.

Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Extended the range of the non-VR screen percentage setting to 10-300
  • Don't spawn old player wreck after current run was won
  • Make sure generic repair mission can only be finished after task was received
  • Made the PlayStation controller icons more legible
  • HOTAS/Joystick: Added an option to disable smoothing of gamepad input (recommended, set in controls options)
  • VR (Oculus): Set the mirror mode to be full-screen
  • VR: Pause Menu can now also be entered via the "change camera" button (default: Y on Gamepad). This is due to SteamVR now opening the Steam Overlay when pressing the Start button.
  • VR: jumping into a new system is now a lot smoother
  • VR: disabled any life support / sensor damage post-processing during cutscenes

  • Make sure Ancient Wardens teleport back towards the level center after having left level bounds
  • Fixed Gunship turret not being able to fire after a cutscene was triggered
  • Fixed Outlaw station turrets and Colonial station turrets having no collision
  • Fixed Mainframe Override cooldown getting set to max after overriden target dies
  • Fixed player sensor drone not receiving shield and hull enhancer when having unlocked the respective Gunship perk
  • Fixed that the launch button could not be triggered with a gamepad while being on the codex tab in the hangar
  • Fixed not being able to scroll hardcore mode handicap screen with gamepad
  • Fixed some problems with jumping during cutscenes
  • Fixed wrong natural hazard dialog being played and Okkar being able to jump in if there is a cloud field hazard during a story mission
  • Fixed artillery turrets in last sector showing up as friends when close to them though they had not been activated
  • Fixed a key remapping issue that appeared when switching bindings of two axis extremes
  • Fixed a key remapping issue that appeared when toggling alternative bindings for key actions
  • Fixed that you could be stuck in the selection wheel if opening it while jumping into a new zone
  • Fixed a bug where hardcore mode perks and blueprints could be transferred to normal game mode
  • Fixed final mission bug where the mission logic would not advance if the missile was fired too early
  • Fixed being able to use the jump target marker while in free-look mode
  • Fixed that the audio output in non-VR mode switched to a connected VR headset, depending on Oculus/SteamVR settings (resolved by an Unreal Engine update)
  • The screen percentage in non-VR mode is now also applied in the main menu
  • Encounters: Fixed Randomize Mod usage on Goo Gun
  • Encounters: Fixed that enhancing a plasma thrower could result in a freeze
  • Encounters (VR, TrackIR): Fixed difficulties with scanning lifeforms
  • Encounters: Fixed sound problem when hitting Okkar Fighter Mk2 frontal shield with plasma thrower
  • Encounters: Fixed receiving credits bonus for scanning Green Goo before finishing the quest
  • Encounters: Fixed a problem with Karlie mission 2 when reaching mining laser before the waypoint task is spawned and player is already inside check radius)
  • Encounters: Fixed Throng achievement not immediately being triggered when returning with grey goo data (achievement was triggered after going back to hangar or main menu)
  • Encounters: Fixed mod indicators showing for Energy Diverter although there are no mods for it
  • VR: Fixed that HOTAS / Joystick axis inputs couldn't be assigned in VR mode
  • VR: Fixed that the ship selection buttons in the hangar couldn't be clicked
  • VR: Took out emergency shield effect that was distorted in stereoscopic view
  • VR: Fixed that you could open the system menu during a cutscene, which rendered it invisible
  • VR: Fixed that in some configurations, the screen percentage setting was reset after each jump
  • VR: Fixed that players couldn't confirm a destination on the travel map by hitting the keyboard confirm key (F)
  • VR: Fixed small aiming offset in mouse mode
  • TrackIR: fixed a small offset of the crosshair with mouse controls
  • TrackIR: "aim with headtracking" can now also be changed from the gamepad options menu


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    I may sound stupid, but how to update it via GOG assuming I don't use Galaxy? All I see is the full installer (v.1.2.3 now) and no separate patch. A reason to keep waiting, or simply redownload it all?
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317


    I may sound stupid, but how to update it via GOG assuming I don't use Galaxy? All I see is the full installer (v.1.2.3 now) and no separate patch. A reason to keep waiting, or simply redownload it all?

    I'd say re-download all
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