Can I get a refund?

So, after buying the Thrustmaster Hotas.X, i've devided to buy Everspace since hotas is supposed to work on it.
I even paid double the prince on Windows Store so I could have Play Anywhere, hoping that my hotas would be supported on both plataforms.
But I wasn't able to make it work in neither. In X1 I didn't even tried further, but for PC I just tried everything.
I asked Microsoft support for a refund and they asked me to ask you guys.
Thank you.

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  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,185
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    Hi, should you report back to Microsoft regarding the refund? From our point of view you are eligible for a refund in this case and Microsoft should grant you one. We can't to refunds from the Microsoft Store ourselves and I'm a bit surprised that Microsoft asked you to ask us (or is it just about whether we would grant you one or not and they would then handle it)?

    If they still say that we should handle it I guess our only option would be to send you the amount you paid via PayPal (we would lose taxes and microsoft share though) - In any case, if you'd like to go the paypal way, please write to support at rockfishgames . com with your paypal credentials and some sort of receipt for the game.


  • wafflemetalwafflemetal Member Posts: 3
    Hello, Andi.
    Awesome, thank you very much for your support and understanding my case. I will contact MS again, and I think windows store is their full responsability yes, I just contacted you because they asked me so. I also found that strange, but it was the brazilian support so maybe they don't really have the powers to make the refund. I will try contacting international support and explain the case and your position.
    If in any case they don't refund me, yes, we can make the paypal way, sounds good for me, no problem about the taxation.
    The game seems awesome, maybe I'll get it later on Steam when my Hotas works. And thank you again.
  • wafflemetalwafflemetal Member Posts: 3
    Microsoft has refunded me thanks to your post. Great support, keep this way guys. Thank you.
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