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Strange things started to happen to me in my two Ancient Weapon runs. I also had the Ancient Friends glyph installed along with the fuel glyph, and in the later Hard sectors some splitters popped up as hostile. Happened twice and I guess those guys were the "friends" in fact as they clearly jumped in at some point of combat and also I had not seen the friendly ones during those runs. Is it supposed to be like that due to some mission or something, or am I simply unlucky so those guys are in fact on their own and my glyph just never triggered?


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    It is possible to run into enemy Ancient Splitters while the Ancient Friends glyph is equipped, but the spawned-in Ancient Splitters should be friendly regardless of location or mission.

    Did you see the Ancient Splitters jump into your area as hostiles? Ancient Splitters also move pretty quickly, so do you know if they simply moved in to engage from afar?
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 49
    Strange. I use the Ancient Friends glyph on almost every run, and this has never happened to me.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 137
    Yep, I didn't post it to the "bugs" section because I also suspect it is not a bug, possibly missed them behind some rock while someone else jumped in (was sort of sleepy :) ). Just thought there is something else about those I didn't know. What worries me though is that the "sunny guys" don't seem to jump in for me since The Coalition ending (again, probably my luck).

    What is a bug though is that they try (and proceed) to attack G'n'B transports which they can't harm at all. Great view, I'm fighting off a crowd in a red sector and they all sit around that transport doing nothing, sniffing the containers I guess :)
  • MomberMomber Member Posts: 20

    some splitters popped up as hostile.

    Happened to me, too. I always need to double-check my radar to see if they are hostile or friendly.
    The hostile ones don't spawn in IIRC, they are already in the location when the player arrives.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 137
    How often are they (the "good" ones that is) supposed to spawn? It felt like at least once per run (guess there is some silent timer that runs whenever you are targeted by an enemy ship or turret and triggers one of the possible friendly spawns), though it is at least 3 runs on "Normal", including fun ones with a jump-suppressing cruiser in a red sector, since I last saw them. Seems like they really don't join in anymore after I finished the Coalition story.
    ps Funny. During that run I met 2 or 3 clones, a bounty hunt target, that darn cruiser and a few outlaw bases (not to mention numerous elites, corvettes and elite corvettes). Much of the run was pretty much as intense as the "Hard" runs usually are. Yet nobody came to help that time, neither ancients nor Coalition :)
  • Grendal27Grendal27 Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 49
    It's pretty random, yeah. No idea what the rate is, though.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 137
    Not a bug, just seen 'em in action again :) And yes, friendly ones.
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