Primary weapons balance enhancement

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Disclaimer: I really like Everspace, the main reason of my suggestion is to make the game even more fun :smiley:

Hi guys! I want to share my thoughts about primary weapons balance. I find out for myself that Beam Laser M3 is the best general-purpose weapon in the game. There are two reasons for it. Beam Laser M3 has good dps and it's a BEAM! Using projectile weapons, I always have problems with aiming at small fast targets like Okkar fighters. Using beam weapons, aiming is much more easier. I believe that for most players projectile weapons have much smaller effective dps than beam weapons because of difficulty of aiming.

To simplify the aiming, I suggest to add new crosshair that tracks an expected position of a target (similar to gimbal weapon in elite dangerous). Firing at the crosshair leads to hitting if the targets will move with the same velocity. It can be implemented in different ways (work always, routine, enable in menu, etc), nevertheless I believe that any implementation of this feature will make projectile weapons much more usable.

BTW, I think that to add zoom for Shock Rifle is good idea too. I personally dislike pixel hunting :smile:.


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    The game has had this function from the early stages. Once you lock onto an enemy you will see a red circle ahead of where it is, just as you propose. You may not have noticed it while the enemies were flying right at you.
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