Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
I am a new person. Very happy to join this forum. Looking forward to receiving the help of everyone.
Thank you everyone for reading!


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    Hello there @fiora nice to have you here!

    If you're looking for tips, here's some from one of the developers:

    Some tips:

    • Never enter a fight with low energy.
    • Use the laser to bring down enemy shields, then quickly change to the gatling to easily destroy the hull.
    • Always lock your target so you know where it is and can chase it more easily.
    • Jump away if outnumbered or if there is nothing more to do.
    • If you have a scanning probe, use it right after entering a location or look for a Comm Hub.
    • Be sure to examine large asteroids for crystals and station wrecks for containers.
    • Upgrade your weapons when you have the chance.
    • Always keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Use service stations, fight and as a last resort: blow up fuel tanks to fill up your jumpdrive.
    • If in a location with a jump suppressor, be sure to find and hack it immediately so you are always ready to jump away when the Interceptors arrive.
    • Always try to pick up everything. Collecting resources, credits and other items is the key to your success.
    • Check your ship's condition and use nanobots and resources to repair critical systems first, then your hull.
    • Don't be afraid to use missiles. When their shields are down, you only need one Light Missile to bring down an Okkar Fighter.
    • Invest in the Energy Regneration Perk early.
    • Strafe and roll to dodge enemy fire
    Beyond that, the developers are very open to feedback, both positive and negative, in regards to the core gameplay loop and the various other mechanics that make Everspace function. Feel free to leave your own thoughts as well.

    Additionally, if ever an issue hits you during the game (whether it be tehcnical, some kind of bug, or straight up crash) be sure to swing by and report the occurrence here. We'll try and find the best solution for you, as quickly as possible.

    Thanks, and welcome to the forums!
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