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Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
After completing the battle against Admiral Gorn, does new story goes on to sector 8 or is it not accessible in version 1.07?

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  • Zack1989Zack1989 Posts: 24
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    I just trying to suggest that new sector takes after defeating Gorc which leads to choice of different ending accordingly and roughly speaking, mostly and hopefully it might end up at sector 13 or 14 with player's choice of pathtaking accordingly.. after that whether you guys intend to make a new war or else, thats up to you guys.. how about considering it at least


  • Zack1989Zack1989 Member Posts: 24
    Can you guys at least tell me a bit about upcoming features of the newest DLC? Also one last thing, how many sectors there will be after story on sector 7?

    Based on what i heard and see the images, it says up to sector 13.. Is that the current limit or there's more?

    That's all..

    I'll try the Hardcore Mode when i get used to it a bit longer because it reminds me of when i last play Freelancer few years ago..
  • arowzarowz Member Posts: 5
    I beat Gorc and kinda stopped doing my playthroughs. If, however, reaching Sector 7 gave you the option to end or continue endlessly fighting an ever escalating amount of enemies that'd be cool. Just reaching 7 would be the win, but you could endlessly fight and pick up credits. Would make gathering throughout the 6 sectors carry more weight in that you are setting yourself up to see how long you can last in Sector 7.

    Apologies if this is already what happens... haven't been motivated to make it to 7 again.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,185
    Sector 13? Where did you hear that? Actually there are no plans for the game getting additional sectors. The current plan is to integrate additional features into the main game loop (7 sectors). But nothing is set in stone, really.
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