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i play with M+KB and i don' know how others feel about this, but i find aiming way too hard. So i find myself doing anything, to avoid using laser/gatling/etc. in a fight, which doesn't make sense, because it's the purpose of the game.

My main Problem is that the "window", where your Hud turns red, is too small, you try to get your mouse into this little area so that you can hopefully land 2 or 3 hits. That turns Dogfights into a puzzle (Geschicklichkeitsspiel).

This has to do with my second Problem: Mouse sensitivity. I know there is an Option in the Menu for that, but it's still some kind of weird and very unstable in my mind. Part of the Problem is the edge of the display, the more your mouse moves to the edge, the faster you turn your ship and that is OK, but i think it's scaling up too much.

Besides fixing the mouse/sensitivity thing, i'd suggest to improve the aiming assist: increase the area where the HUD turns red. I think freelancer did pretty good here. And if fights become too easy then, reduce the weapon damage a little bit, because it's way more statisfying to hit a few more, times than constantly try to hit and fail.


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    I think the aiming is good as it is. If there are too many assists it becomes too easy and I don't think EVERSPACE is meant to be an easy game.

    I'm the opposite, I feel there's more reward from having the skill to hit a few shots and kill an enemy than having lock-on and taking ages to kill one guy because the DPS is too low.

    It's all about practice, keep trying to use it and you'll get better at it. It's one of the things I like about this game, It's easy to learn but hard to master.
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    Same as Jamie, you need some practice and You will get the hang of it.
    You will get better and better.

    I think it is NOT satisfying to have an easy aim and low damage = easy dog-fight.
    It is more satisfying to practice and get better at aiming.

    It is a rogue-like, you are supposed to die a lot. With the money you won, you will improve your skill tree, and your ships will be more powerfull with time and death.

    Maybe you can set your mouse to have less DPI (low sensitivity). Did you try the First person View ? I think it is more easy to aim in First Person View.
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    well, not sure, i'm using the BEAM laser pretty much for everything now

    which brings me to something else: an option to change the starting primary Weapons. So you have at least your favorite gun when you start over. Obviosly you should only be able to choose between Mark 1 weapons.
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    My problem with the aiming is the hard to see reticle on many of the backrounds. The aim assist is a little crazy as is, and i would later like to be given the option to turn it off lol.
    I believe what is totally necessary though, would be to adjust the visiblity and maybe color of the leading reticle. maybe thicker red lines would do. As is, i'm straining my eyes. although i've gotten to the point where i can hit enemies with the pulse laser, gatling, and shock rifle without the leading reticle. I still can't hardly hit -BEEP- with the fusion blaster MK.1 lol, hopefully there will be spread reduction mods added (or maybe they're already in and i haven't seen them yet)

    On an unrelated note, now that i think about it; most of the UI at this stage is barely visible. It would be nice to be able to better distinguish crates and mineables from terran ships to be able to snatch and grab before the warship shows up.

    Totally love this game btw.
    Thanks for reading :smiley:
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    How to aim weapons is also one of the distinguishing features of weapons. The Beam Laser does seem to "stick" to enemies a bit if you hold the weapon down. The Flak Cannon lets you aim in the vicinity of your target and do good damage. The Thermo guns are even more forgiving. Once you get blueprints for the weapon that works best for you, you'll have an easier time of it. Or you'll just get more skilled with aiming with practice and it won't matter how forgiving the guns are.
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    I agree with the skill-based comments. After about 10 plays I started understanding how to wipe up groups of 4+ enemies without even losing shields simply because I know how the different types of enemies work now, whereas on the 2nd or 3rd try I was basically almost scared to engage more than one at a time.

    One of the problems IMO is that the enemies have boring flight patterns and dogfights basically become circle strafing meltdowns and they could probably be a lot more interesting. Close combat is basically mandatory, it would be nice if there were more benefits to staying at a distance so you could diversify if you wanted to.
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    well, my problem has never been to survive or kill enemies, i can do that just fine, i simple dislike the aiming/handling of certain guns in a Dogfight.

    In my expirience the current aiming makes me avoid classic dogfights. What i do is shoot incoming enemy when they coming right at me, and when they are nearby i either boost away and do the same thing again or i use a time extender. I just finished a four sector run without firing single missle.

    I might add though, that making the Hud and enemy targets more visible would help a lot. Every time there is something bright you can't see the Hud anymore. So maybe Rockfish should put all the Radar-symbols "in front", so that nothing makes them invisible + make the lines thicker
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    I'm not a programmer or nothing (i'm actually a technician) but it seems to me like adjusting the UI shouldn't be too hard for the devs. I'm sure they'll have something better very soon. especially with all the attention the community has been calling to it.

    Also, i think the mk1 shock rifle and mk1 flak cannon do a good job of long range combat(the mk2 of both of those are kind of atrocious i think.) especially with mods to suit your play style. With a cloak you could effectively just pound the living -BEEP- out of any target (at any range, they are supposed to be able to see you when you shoot. but i can sit right next to a chief and lay on him with my Gatling until he's bye bye or my energy runs out) a front shield generator can give you a few more shots off before you need to relocate, or let you do more damage to the pack before you charge in and finish them off. My playstyle tends to be a bit of both. i only use mid range (1,5km) style combat when facing gunships.

    To improve upon what ya'll are talking about though, i think passive systems that could increase strafe and/or reverse speed would work nicely. also more varied ancillary enemies as well as varied combat ai dependent on weapon type. As it stands now, most enemies just charge blindly in your direction. It would be nice if enemies with pules lasers, beam lasers, and thermo guns would attempt to maintain a range of about 1.5km and use more strafing; while continuously altering and coordinating firing angles with squadmates. were that the case, the player would need to use a bit more strategy to survive large scale battles. As a plus side, that would inspire fear whenever you see a ship that you know is carrying a fusion blaster or scatter gun. Shock rifle troops would attempt to set up outside of your range and pound you from afar, perhaps equipped with a combat drone or two to protect them when the player boosts in their direction.

    I think a projectile speed mod could greatly enhance a player's connection with their weapon. Also, some "backhand" mods that occupy different slots then regular mods would be cool as well. (increasing fire rate at the expense of spread, projectile speed at the expense of range, hull damage at the expense of shield damage and vice versa, etc.) Maybe a special weapons smith that allows you to adjust the parameters of your weapons for a high price could be awesome, although that might be too difficult to implement for all i know.

    I'm getting wayyyy off topic here, but i think we need a cannon style weapon. Mk.1 could be a 2.25projectiles/second with low spread and medium damage.
    Mk.2 could be a charge cannon with extremely low fire rate, high damage, massive range, with moderate spread. Charging could increase projectile speed and reduce spread. Make all cannon variants have insanely low shield damage.

    also, swarm warhead missles the size of torpedoes that independently track hostiles. a true fire and forget weapon that attacks all hostile in range, regardless of your targeted enemy. charge it up to make the warhead travel further before separating.

    My apologies for the wall of text. I was originally just going to respond with one sentence lololol
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    Thanks for all the comments. We will discuss them all.
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