Activate key not working

ES_4675ES_4675 Posts: 4Kickstarter Beta Backer, Space Dog
I have a strange behavior, and I guess not everyone has the problem because it's obvious and spoils the gameplay.

Whatever the key I map for Enter/activate, it never works. I checked carefully and the key is not used for other functions.

In the inventory/craft I can click with mouse as a workaround, but when something needs to be activated while flying it's a major flaw (repairing ship in a station for instance).

Did someone notice the same ?


  • ES_10529ES_10529 Posts: 4Kickstarter Beta Backer, Space Dog
    Same experience here, after customizing the controls the activate key only works on "F" and the other keys, which have replaced "R" are set back to it, when installing/salvaging new items during the flight
  • ES_1498ES_1498 Posts: 2Kickstarter Beta Backer, Space Dog
    Yes, it seems that the activate function is hard-coded to "F" on the keyboard. The inventory screen is also hard-coded to "Q" and "E" to switch menu items despite having remapped those keys as well. As someone who can't stand WASD and always remaps to ESDF - this is a bit of an annoyance!
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,056Moderator
    Thanks for reporting, we'll fix this.
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