[Feature] Trader Turrets are not destroyed when killed?

ES_11062ES_11062 Posts: 2Kickstarter Beta Backer, Space Dog
edited July 2016 in Bug Reports
Edit: False alarm. Didn't realize I'd lost my sensor array. Nice work. This run will be interesting in all the best/worst ways.

Like it says. Sector 2, last jump.

Bought some things from the trader, decided I wanted a "refund". >.>

Opened fire. Turrets spawn on the ship, fine. I kill one, trying to make myself a blind spot to work away at the Traders hull from, Wing Commander-style. Zero HP, explosion, turret dead. Great! I love that I can do this in this game!

Except that it keeps shooting me. Either that, or the opposite turret was shooting through the Trader. Both of those seem unintended.
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