Voiceactor for Everspace

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My name is Markus, I'm 24 and from germany (actually just 3 minutes from your workstation).
I was hoping that you may need some voiceactors for your game and wanted to leave my previous work that I didn't send directly to my former clients with you.

This would be my youtube channel where I mostly upload little skits, some tests to figure out how the endresults of effects work and so on:

I was in this youtube animation from the animator "Gonzossm" where I played the "raiders":

And in this little skit I was cast as a Tauren (Minotaur) Warrior for a fake funny commercial (link with timestamp):

Edit: Somehow the timestamp doesn't quite work here :) My part starts at 1:30, sorry for the inconvenience

I hope I hear back from you, I would be stoked to work with you.

with best regards
Markus W. aka LordRochard
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