Alien Ship Ownership.

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Since we are getting closer to release this could be an idea for future DLC's.

You enter the solar system to the Arkonian's home world, if you find all 4 pieces of one of their wrecks and fully scan all of them you get the blueprint to build your own. Some materials for this ship are only found in their solar system.

Please note building a ship from scratch will require a lot of materials.
This of course is a potential fourth ship for the game if approved.

A fifth ship, this one also alien could come as a reward from a special mission done with the Arkonian ship.
That's right build the 4th do a mission with it get the 5th.

The sixth ship can be acquired simply by wining a space race with the 4th or 5th ships.

The reason for owning an alien ship is to pass for one of them in their solar system or everywhere they go.
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