How are systems generated?

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Hi! Did not have the opportunity to play the alpha, yet. Can you shed some light on how sectors and systems are build? I think this would be interesting for the community. Maybe make a kickstarter post out of it :)

Are systems procedurally generated from building blocks at runtime or manually build by a level designer? Or something in between? Do you need to bake the level offline for lightmaps or navmesh? How many different systems are there? I mean actually different, not just slight differences in the amount or placement of enemies, etc.

Same questions for sectors. Are those procedurally generated as well? I'm kind of worried that you mentioned in the kickstarter post (15. Jul 2016) that there will be 2 additional sectors in the beta? Does that mean we will have to run through the same few sectors every time we respawn? So far I assumed that there would be an unlimited amount of sectors because they were just randoms systems stitched together with some formulas to ensure the desired difficulty level. I know that it was mentioned somewhere that systems will be slightly different everything. However, wouldn't it be more fun if it's an entirely new universe every time?

Looking forward to beta next week! :)


  • BB_CoolcatBB_Coolcat Common Beta Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 33
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