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FancyPantsFancyPants Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 8
Okay so first of all, i have no regrets in purchasing the collectors edition whatsoever. The game gives me what i expected it to give and more.
Though I love the game, i'd still like break the game down a bit and show you guys what I liked and what i think could use some improvement (sorry in advance if i am summing stuff up what you guys are already working on, i absolutely love the game and i just want to help. Also this is my first time giving feedback to a game ever, so i don't really know if this is what you guys want to hear).

Okay so stuff i do like:
- I absolutely love the art style, they way you created those astonishing environment blows my mind. This alone makes me want to play the game again and again.
- Your physics in this game are out of this world. The way you can destroy a minable asteroid is super satisfying.
- The combat in this game is just perfect. Its hard, and takes skill. But if you manage to come on top you get rewarded big time with the feeling you truly outsmarted them, and of course with a awesome explosion. (its the little things that count here, like the way you guys took the travel time of a bullet in account).
- I love how there is a variety of weapons and perks to make every run feel different. I like the idea that you can always get past a point if you play enough, just because you finally get to upgrade that final perk to past that point. It keeps the game interesting.
- Also the way the "interceptors" warp into your area is amazing. Love it when my screen full of empty space is suddenly filled with massive battleships.

What i'm missing or i think could use improvement :
- The pre-launch menu now is a bit plain. I think it does not fit the game very well, since everything while playing has eye for detail. I do not think this is the case in the hangar. I think you could do some awesome stuff with the hangar other then what you have now. (for example, maybe you can make the hangar sort of like your promo gif, where you show off all the visual changes your ship goes through when you change something. Or atleast allow us to take a 360 look of the ship.)
- In many stages in a sector there are so many asteroids, Yet only 2 or 3 of them are minable... I think this is such a pity. Don't get me wrong. I understand that some areas, or asteroids have less usable stuff into it. But i do think it would be cool that there could be an entire ring of asteroids with all minable asteroids. In these areas it really is up to you how long you are willing to stay. Like are you gonna mine it all and risk the interception, or are you gonna mine some and move on. (think this of some kind of treasure room, somewhere off the course to the jump gate). If there is more "stuff to do" in a area i would be very happy.

This is kind of my feedback of the game. I absolutely love it, and whatever you guys change to the game, i'd probably still play it. However it would be out of this world to see some of my feedback back into the actual game (which is unlikely i'm aware of that, but i'd like to dream :) ).
I really do hope i did not sound like i am bashing the game, because i truly love it. These are just my ideas to the game, and its completely up to you if you do something with it.

I loved every second of it so far and thus all i can say is keep up the good work!

A VERY thrilled fan! :D

P.S: Excuse my english, i am trying hard.


  • FancyPantsFancyPants Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 8
    Oh also something i would add: is in first person mode, there are a lot of panels and that kind of things on the screen, but non of them seem to be functional. It really looks like they are just some sort of stickers. I would love it if these panels get some sort of function. Like secondary weapon count, or energy level, or fuel level. These are just examples ofcourse, but you get the idea.

    Thanks for reading, i hope it helps :)
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 573
    Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Glad you like the game so far!

    As for the hangar: The 3D graphics are just a placeholder for now. In the next patch you will be able to rotate and zoom around your ship. Also, some perks will have an impact on how your ship will look. Still not finished but you'll get the idea.

    About the destructible asteroids: If there were so many mineable asteroids in one level you would be able to mine too much ore so we always have to see that we keep the resources balanced. Also: Though shooting asteroids is satisfying we don't want the player to mine too much because this would further increase the duration of a run, an effect that we preferably try to prevent from happening.

    The instruments in the cockpit will be functional but we can't say when exactly. We have to be very selective when it comes to implementing features because we are just a handful of people working on the game. There were other features that we wanted and will want ot implement first.
  • FancyPantsFancyPants Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 8
    Thank you for your reply. Im very thrilled to hear that most of the things I suggested are up and coming. Dont worry about the stuff you cant do, I completely understand your situation. They are just my improvements and thus just ideas really. It doesn't make the game bad in anyway if you cant implement them.

    Thanks again for the reply. You made me very excited with it!
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