Cannout launch game with Videograbber

ChillPlayerChillPlayer Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 32
I use PlayClaw 5 for recording my ingame videos for years now and it never failed me, I've recorded dozens of different games with PlayClaw. But when I try to launch Everspace when PlayClaw is running it doesn't start, the Everspace banner flashes quickly and the icon appears briefly in the taskbar, then it vanishes again and the process dies. Unfortunately I couldn't find the logfiles, if you point my to them I will attach them to this post.

Are you aware of any troubles with recording software and Everspace? PlayClaw uses an overlay to show FPS and other info ingame, maybe that's causing the problem?

This happens on Windows 10 with PlayClaw 5 and ES version with NVidia GTX 680.
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