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Here are some thoughts I have on the game and what I'd hope will be fixed in a future update:

1. Target Indicator vs Target Marker: When I switch to my Gattling I can barely recognize the target indicator when my marker is overlapping it, they have both similar color and the marker is bolder. It'd be nice if we could customized this, change color and shape for example of both markers.

2. Travelling: why are we only allowed to travel forward? Sometimes when I am at the 2nd last system before the next sector I can only click on the last system where it says "Travel", I cannot switch to a planet below although it is connected. I would very much like to explore the whole sector and not just a few systems.

3. HUD/Map: Please please make the Traders and Repairstations more visible, it happend several times to me that I was searching the whole system in bright blue for a Trader which was supposed to be there and didn't succeed when the Interceptor warning appeared. On that account a system map/radar would help alot, hope you guys are working on this ;)

4. Loadout/gear: it would be nice if we could chose the weapons/mods we equip when starting a new run. It would be even more nice if we could keep the stuff we picked up during the run or have some other "stuff" other than credits transfer over to a new run. The thing with credits is, if you are in the 2nd or 3rd sector and spend all your money on items or repairs and then get killed, the past 30 mins of your RL were all for nothing.

5. Autoloot: some autoloot function would be nice for those items where we are prompted to press "F" to either equip or dismantel, instead of pressing F the dialog box would just open up when we are near such an item.

7. Scan Probes: Unfortunately at it's current state the run becomes next to undoable within reasonable time if you run out of probes because without them you can barely find anything, especially in "blue bright high-bloom" sectors. The only asteroid to get gas is usually in the sector transfer system which means you can only scan two systems, leaving out alot of loot an opportunity. This together with Nr. 2 from above makes it very frustrating, so please either give us access earlier to gas or change the reqs for crafting them probes.

8. Gear v2: please let us keep modifications we've build for our gear for which we have blueprints for. Let's say I've build a damage MK2 for my pulse it'd be nice to have this already available right from the start of a new run.

9. Leveling: it'd be nice if the skill chart would show which skill unlocks which, right now it's more like a lottery to know what to level until you've discovered all the skills.

10. Challenges: are there any rewards for doing them and if so, what is the reward? It would be nice to get a reward and see what you get if you succeed.

11. Key Map: I am sure you are working on this but I thought I'd mention it anyway, please let us map the keys to our liking, including mouse buttons.

And lastly: any word when a new update will be released?

It would be nice to see some of those issues addressed but nevertheless I really like the game, it's raw but also addictive and fighting is fairly smooth, can't wait to see what the final product will be ;)


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    Actually Nr. 4 seems to be addressed somewhat in the perks as I just found out :)
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    Thank you for telling us your thoughts!

    1. Target Indicator vs Target Marker: OK, we will have a look at that. I don't think we will find the time to let the user customize every small element of the HUD but we can make it more clear.

    2. Travelling backwards: That's the way we designed the game. We want you to always go forward and we don't even want you to explore everything. Some reasons: 1. Your run would take a lot more time which will lead to more frustration when you die. 2. It would take a lot of programming work to re-enter already visited locations. 3. You should be forced to choose a path in a system based on the location attributes on the way.
    So, no. We will not change that, sorry.

    6. HUD/Map: We will have another look if it's really that hard to make out the trader and the service station. If yes, we will had special radar markers. A location map is not planned though.

    4. Loadout/gear: A pre-run loadout selection is on our list of things to add. But I can't tell you when exactly.

    5. Autoloot: Automatically bringing up the item compare screen would be too disturbing when in a fight. So, no.

    7. Scan Probes: There will be some changes to scanning probes in the future but it even makes them harder to use. You are not supposed to always always have a scanning probe ready to loot every single container in a loccation. Scanning probes should be something special.

    8. Gear v2: Keep modifications on the weapons for the next run? No, too powerful. But maybe you can buy them in the pre-run equipment selection screen that we plan to do in the future.

    9. Leveling: OK, we will think about that. Every perk gets unlocked at level 2 of another perk though. So if you always level up each perk at least one time you should not miss any perks.

    10. Challenges: At them moment, each challenge earns you 1000 Credits. This should be more prominently displayed in the HUD, we are still working on that. Later, harder challenges may give you even more credits.

    11. Key Map: Yes.

    And lastly: any word when a new update will be released?

    Could take some more days or weeks ;-)
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    Wow thank you very much for the detailed answer ;)

    What you said about probes worries me a bit lol, but I will patiently await the next update and see how the game progresses, thanks for all your work!
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