Jump Sound and Transition

ChaoughkimyeroChaoughkimyero Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 11
The sound that jumping to the next sector and location makes feels somewhat underwhelming.

All the other incredible sounds provide a crisp and powerful feeling, even boosting makes you really feel that you're being pushed. The sound design is incredible, except for jumping.

Every time I jump it feels like I'm just kinda teleporting to a new location, or I'm going down a gentle slide.

One way to make it feel nicer would be (in my opinion) to have the view zoom out then sharply jump back to normal, along with an almost thunderous or deep blunt sound to go with it.

Another way might be to just very quickly and immediately jump, thus giving a nice feeling to the charging beforehand that is required before jumping. This would make the player not only feel like they are really jumping through space, but make those moments when you're being chased while jumping even more intense.
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