Request | Please, don’t forget left handed pilots!

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Hello to all. Right now, I’m waiting for the (OS X Beta) release, to start appreciating this little gem!
I’ve backed the game as, I think, “Space Cat” or something, and some days ago, I’ve upgraded from standard to Beta.

I’m an old flight / space simmer and I’m left handed so, my brain is trained to use the left hand for “direction”. I also use my X-52 Pro “wrong”; joystick on left and throttle on right!

Right now, I’m playing “pCars” and “The House of dying sun”. On project Cars, you steer the car with the left stick (Xbox controller) and on Dying sun, you point the ship whit you’re left stick too (Xbox controller).

From wat I’ve read and from the YouTube videos about Everspace, I’ve seen that the game supports the Xbox controller; the problem is, the right stick is used to point the ship, not the left one!
So wat I’m asking is; Don’t forget the lefties. Let us edit the controller setup or at least, swap sticks functions.

For the Space Simmers out there:

House of the Dying Sun (Beta version) June 2016
Everspace (Beta version) July 2016
No Man’s Sky (Gold master) August 2016
Infinity Battlescape (Beta version) Early 2017

*On a side note; I only use Steam as a last resort! If backers will receive a DRM free game, please, use; as Everspace team, they’re great people and they need all the support, they can get!

Kind regards to all,


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    Southpaw here as well. I think that custom controls is an easy implementation that can avoid hotkey issues for future players.
  • ArcmanovArcmanov Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 10
    Let me express the same sentiment here as well. I can't even pass the tutorial because of this messed-up control scheme.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,227
    Hi, we'll soon add the option to switch the axes.
  • BeaverBeaver Member Posts: 3
    you can do that via windows or other programs, give it a google.
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