Mainframe Override is OP

ES_744ES_744 Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 44
I didn't take this too seriously since seeing it introduced in v., until two runs ago. For those that have never used it:
  • Turns an enemy/neutral ship into your ally
  • Can be activated at a range of 4km
  • Doesn't alert a ship to your presence if it fails and you're still far away
  • Can be tried on the same ship multiple times
  • Lasts forever (until you leave the system or the ship is blown up)
  • Lets you shoot a friendly ship until it blows up, without firing back
I first used it when trying to complete the "Exit the first system with no equipment and survive to Sector 2" -- I didn't realize I had no shield blueprints, and without any shields but with Mainframe Override, I was able to survive all the way into Sector 4!

I was able to use it on Gunships & Elite Gunships (generally took a few tries) and then blow them up without them shooting back, which let me complete another objective!
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