Alpha Update v. Changelog

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We just uploaded quite a big Alpha update. Have fun playing!

New features
  • Added sound volume settings
  • Added experimental mouse sensitivity option
  • Added reticule deadzone
  • Added scaling for radar markers according to their distance
  • Added new "large" asteroid
  • Added sound and exclamation mark in HUD when enemies target the player
  • Added interaction options (swap, scrap) / compare screen for items that can't be picked up
  • Added a perk that marks the player ship wreck from the last run on the map so it can be salvaged
  • Added service stations
  • Added trader being spawned in one random location of first three sectors each
  • Added Collector drones to mining sites
  • Added a "Nano Kit" consumable that allows you to repair a random damaged ship component
  • Added "Damage Booster" consumable that temporarily increases te ship's damage output
  • Shooting containers now alarms nearby units
  • Auto-lock ships on hit if target lock was empty before
  • Equipment can now be dropped and will be put in floating containers in space
  • Equipment pickups can now come with pre-installed mods
  • Screenshot mode: Hide / Show HUD by pressing H
  • Consumables can now be used from within the equipment menu
  • Added new secondary weapon, ARC 9000
  • Added new device, Mainframe Override, that allows you to make enemies fight for you
  • Added crash reporting screen
  • Added cloud fields
  • Redesigned crafting menu
  • Using consumables changed from key F to C
  • Jumping with insufficient fuel will damage the ship during the jump procedure and may destroy it
  • Show 3D scenes in main menu instead of static image
  • Rebalanced game to better regard location threat levels
  • Dismantling installed equipment or equipment floating in space will now gain the player a small amount of resources
  • Increased display duration for challenge display
  • Added N/A display for damaged secondary weapon launcher and devices that require too much energy to activate
  • Don't show milliseconds of play time in end of run screen
  • Set boost activation cost to 0
  • Secondary weapons now have a slot ammo limit per type
  • Added sub-level progress display for perks in upgrade bar
  • Increased lightning strike delay for global lightning fields
  • Added better scanning interface for Comm Hub and slightly increased scanning radius
  • Increased Energy Discharger damage output
  • Improved visibility of jump target marker
  • Decreased level streaming stuttering at the beginning of a location
  • Decreased location offset for lightning camera shake to make escaping (jump target aiming) easier
  • Removed lower turret from Terran Fighter
  • Stop Terran Fighter turret fire if ship gets destroyed
  • Switched outlaw drone weapons to shock rifles
  • Balanced weapon energy consumption
  • Tweaked some perk levels and costs
  • Increased vertical spawning distances for points of interest
  • Added VFX for status effects
  • Added jump gate VFX
  • Added version number to ingame alpha build display
  • Do not explode when dying in a black hole but rather distort the ship
  • Reduced input lag of mouse cursor crosshair
  • Improved AI's obstacle avoidance
  • Fixed "infinite rotation" of ship when dying while repairing
  • Fixed "unlimited consumables" bug
  • Fixed boost / fire still active after menu was closed
  • Fixed resource pickups colliding with destructible asteroids and pulling them towards player
  • Fixed pickups not spawning from destructible meshes when firing with rockets or flak guns
  • Fixed "corrupted data" logbooks
  • Fixed targeting of things that are not in sensor range
  • Fixed "Unarmed" challenge
  • Fixed "Kill 25 enemies in sector 1" challenge fail condition
  • Fixed challenges not resetting when game was resetted
  • Fixed cloaking device not being spawned
  • Fixed Hull Enhancer MK1 being stronger than MK2 and MK3
  • Fixed play time calculation (don't increase while paused)
  • Fixed radar markers going off screen for resolutions with higher aspect ratio than 16:9
  • Fixed flawed "unspent credits" prompt in perk screen
  • Fixed missing crosshair for flak cannon
  • Fixed equipment and mods attribute names and units
  • Fixed a bug where terrans would sometimes turn hostile against the player although the player did not attack them
  • Fixed a few bugs related to weapon mod crafting
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed a bug where "unspent credits" pop-up was shown although no perks could be bought
  • Fixed a bug where homing weapons would lock a location at which an enemy has died


  • dankenskdankensk Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 8
    edited June 2016
    This update even better then the first one
    GJ Rockfish cant wait to come home and try out all the new stuff :)
  • Captainmaxwell7Captainmaxwell7 Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 6
    Well done! Looking forward for more updates in the future! :smiley:
  • BrayzureBrayzure Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 2
    Lots of cool stuff, and a bunch of things I found myself requesting during play. Very nice!
  • ES_6703ES_6703 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 1
    Did this update wipe anyone else's discovered blueprints? I don't have any but the starters anymore. Really sad, as I'd just discovered the beam laser blueprint. =/
  • xKostyanxKostyan Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 13
    This is awesome, cant wait to fire it up!
  • jypsonjypson Customer Posts: 52
    Nice work Rockfish! Can't wait for the work week to be over so I can get all up in there!
  • LunoruLunoru Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 77
    That is a huuge update, wow! Gonna go jump right into it!
  • ZoritaZorita Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Warrior Posts: 19
    I really really like the Cloud Fields and the jumpgate VFX ! The cloak finally came up, quite fun to use too =D
  • fdiaz78fdiaz78 Space Optimizr Posts: 101
    Love the update but have to admit a little sad we didn't get a mining laser. Overall the combat feels right and definitely heading in the right direction and THANK YOU for letting is dismantle and scrap stuff in space. I no longer spend half my time mining. Resources are more plentiful it seems.

  • ShiuzanShiuzan Customer Posts: 76
    The game is improving more and more, as it gets closer to it's final form I fanboy more and more!
    The game is also a lot harder now which is great!
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