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ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
Hello again guys, I was wondering how many of you watch streamers play everspace and discuss things about the game with them and the chat?

I've been streaming it for quite some time now, approaching 50h of gameplay soon and all of it was on stream/in past broadcasts. I'd be putting them all onto youtube but I'm not listening to royalty free music all the time.

Hopefully we can get more people into the streams and get more attention towards everspace.

This thread is where all my information is on

Hope to see you guys in the stream!

Fly safe



  • SpectalysSpectalys Posts: 79Member, Common Beta Backer
    I'm waiting the beta key, I don't want to watch streamers, I want to be surprised by the game :)
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    @Spectalys that's exactly what I was expecting to be the case. Also perfectly fine. :smile:
  • SpectalysSpectalys Posts: 79Member, Common Beta Backer
    edited August 2016
    @Shiuzan After 25 hours, i can say : THIS GAME IS AWESOME !!!
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