What is in the Alpha and Beta?

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I tried to find these answer but i can't so sorry for asking silly question if the answer is some where on these boards?

When I buy the beta while it still on sale what can I see and experience in the game? Missions? Exploration? Or just a prototype and prototype universe? Should I also get the beta? Or are beta backers here to test for bugs as there is not much you can do in the game? Thank you!


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    The Alpha can be found on various streamer's Twitch and YouTube channels. I'm quite the fan of this one, myself. You should check out his schedule and stop by sometime to see a bit of what the Alpha has to offer.

    All in all, the Alpha is a 4-sector progression game featuring 1 playable ship and an assortment of weaponry and devices via findable blueprints. They are experimenting with the perk system, as well. Most encounters are either ships or derelict mining facilities and asteroid belts. There are a couple "challenges" that can be completed in-game, but they're really to pass the time.

    Since the Beta is projected by the end of July, there is a chance we'll see a revamped perk system, a working hud with all the fixings, a potentially new UI, 1 or 2 more playable ships, dozens of new weaponry and devices, the addition of missions, the addition of shopkeepers, the addition of Factions and/or a reputation system, a slew of new encounters and enemy ships and a range of new environments. Heck, we might even get a taste of the voice work, as well.

    Or we could just see some updated graphics in a prototype universe. Heh.

    All of this may, or may not, appear in the upcoming Beta.
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    Hud system? I thought you cannot manage shield so why have a Hud? And with reputation system? Does it mean what you kill affects your reputation good or bad? And that NPC will respond on your reputation? Thank you very much for the description! And how far can you go in the game with the Beta? or Alpha?
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    The HUD (head-up-display) is merely the device used to showcase various information to the player, including (but not limited to) hitpoints, shieldpoints, weapon status, consumables (like missiles and fuel) and warnings (like approaching interceptors). The currently used HUD in the Alpha is a placeholder.

    The reputation system hasn't been spoken about. I tried to spark some conversation about it here, but it doesn't seem to have drawn any attention...yet. But Factions (different in-game groups of characters with different goals) are set to be in the game at this time. We haven't seen anything about them, though. It is assumed our interactions with these factions will change our allegiance with them, thus requiring some type of reputation system.

    The current state of the Alpha can go as far as 4 sectors, meaning 4 unique "level-worlds." Each sector consists of multiple areas, usually requiring about 6-10 to be completed before moving on to the next sector. Each sector becomes a little more difficult, and can provide a few different challenges for the player to deal with. They aren't that diverse in what they have to offer yet, but it is just an Alpha test.

    We'll be seeing a bit more content in the Beta, and a LOT more at the final release.
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