What would you like to see added into the game? (be it mentioned in any videos from the devs or not)

ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
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I would go first but I am too tired for my brain to function properly, I'll add it sometime tomorrow when I'm not tired or busy.

Hope to see many hopes dreams and an active forum.


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  • ZoritaZorita Posts: 19Kickstarter Alpha Backer, Space Warrior
    Hi there !

    Actually, there's already a post like yours : https://forum.everspace-game.com/discussion/134/places-you-want-to-see-inside-the-game/p

    have a nice day:smile:
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    That post is more about Locations and Sectors, where as my question is directed towards anything.
    Be it more factions, a certain type of weapon, a paint shop to change your ships paint scheme, a story mode or a survival arena and other stuff.

    Thank you though for directing me to said post.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
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    Based on what is currently available in the Alpha, I think it would be really cool to have unique multi-fire upgrades for consumable weaponry. As an example, as a Missile Weapon is upgraded, a potential option at higher levels might allow the weapon to fire TWO missiles at the same time. If upgraded even further, it may fire THREE missiles at once, but only cost 2 missiles to do so. An additional upgrade might allow multiple lock-ons, as well.

    Some kind of Scattermine would be great to see, too. Something of this nature could be used when you're being closely pursued: It would cost a considerable amount of consumables (maybe 10 or something), but it blankets a sizeable area behind the player's ship with a minefield that could also be used to block incoming missile/laser fire. In a way, it serves as both a shield and a trap.
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    I do like reading input like yours Giraffasaur, in depth thoughts on anything you said and explained in a way anyone can understand.

    I like the idea with the missiles and I would find it more challenging resource wise the more we have to upgrade in game.

    The Scattermines would be great as well because I try to use the plasma mines currently in the game and they tend to fail to damage the target.

    (fyi I kept it as a question so people actually look into this post and get motivated to answer it a bit more, will keep it so unless it gets dated.)
  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
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    I'd like to see two powerful Amarda's fighting and either just. Being able to watch and collect loot or help out and get rewarded if you win (spelling correction)
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    That's actually quite a cool idea.
    Would also add the risk of being overwhelmed by the enemy forces. But risk = reward.
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
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    @Soran Whoa, that is creepishly similar to an idea I suggested in this thread.

    I like the idea of two battling Armadas for sure! Makes me think of the scene from Serenity where the heroes must navigate the ensuing space war to get down to the planet.

  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    That was such an amazing scene. Would love to be caught in the middle of a fight of such magnitude.
  • SoranSoran Posts: 95
    @Giraffasaur yes now that is creepy but cool :)
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Posts: 1,098Moderator, Space Cat
    I think I found a much better way to summarize what I'd like to see either through Weapons or Devices in Everspace: We could deal with a bit more effective Area of Effect (AoE) or Crowd Control (CC) options.

    Everything at the moment is single-target equipment.
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Posts: 76Customer
    I do agree with you there, however i have found the use of the flak cannon for crowd control to be quite rewarding.
    There are some weapons that can be used for multiple targets, depending on how you fight.
    I sometimes line up multiple enemies and take them out one by one whilst kiting them.

    But something like scatter missiles or other multi target weapon systems would be interesting to see in the future.
  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator

    We could deal with a bit more effective Area of Effect (AoE) or Crowd Control (CC) options. Everything at the moment is single-target equipment.

    Look forward to the upcoming patch! ;-)

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