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Hey everyone.
I'm Shiuzan (my rl name is William), I've been streaming everspace for a long time now (4-6 times a week since 1st Sunday after alpha start) and I've been fanboy-ing this game like crazy.
A lot of failures but also a lot of amazing moments happened on my streams, including the Devs themselves dropping by and answering questions I've had a long the way.

I was wondering if anyone was interested in a not so big streamer that likes to discuss games whilst shooting aliens and outlaws. If so come by and say hi, twitch.tv/shiuzan

Would be awesome to see some more fellow everspace players chatting whilst I'm failing at the game :smiley:


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    Thanks for sharing your Twitch! I'm very interested in joining your stream.

    What time do you stream? (Please include your timezone!)
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    I had a schedule website I use but have forgotten to update it (will include into this thread once I am back home from college)
    I am from the UK.
    I usually stream on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 21:30-01:00 GMT.
    Thursdays 14:30-18:00 GMT.
    Some random afternoon streams here and there as well but that's just twitter announcement stuff instead of cluttering my schedule. :smile:
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    I would HIGHLY recommend this stream to the Everspace community. Shiuzan does a great job interacting with chat and has a nice little following. Not to mention, he's had developers drop in on him from time to time.

    The stream today was excellent, and I can't wait until the next one.
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    edited May 2016
    I updated my schedule with times and temporary titles. We all know a good stream has random titles.
    Hope to see many more Everspace fans in my chat!
    Schedule Website: https://www.speq.me/shiuzan
    Stream Channel:

    I'll be adding No Man's Sky to the list of games I'll be streaming once it's out.
    After the summer there will be many more streams and also more games!
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    I'd like to encourage many of you to come by my streams some time, if you don't like it fine. I have no problem with that, however I am trying to get our community out there as there is a lot of competition in the sci fi genre which makes it hard for us to be noticed.

    I keep contact with the dev's and they check the stream out every now and then which gives you all the chances to ask those questions you don't want to put into a forum thread.

    Again, I'm not seeking attention for myself, but the more attention a stream gets the more ''outsiders'' we can attract and get into our community.

    Thank you for checking out this post, if you like or dislike something about it go ahead and say it. It's a free world and criticism is always a good thing as long as it's kept clean.
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