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Hi guys. A few days ago I have discovered your fantastic game in a test-video on jv.com. The quality of the game, the lights in the sky, the stars, was amAZING! Well, unfortunatly, however the price we are ready to pay for, it seems impossible now to have an access to the alpha game. I don't wanna be a crybaby but guyyyyyys, please, i wanna play that game so bad.
So, if I can do ANYTHING for this game to have an alpha access please let me now, you will receive "Everlasting Gratitude" special mention in my Heart, a hand signed thank you postcard from myself, and even named my future children (after convincing my wife).

Thanks Guys, the game isn't released yet but you already have created harcore fans.
(sorry for my English, french guy here)


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    If you stick around until July, the Beta will open up. This will be the perfect time to experience Everspace, because most of the kinks to get the game stable will likely be in place at that time AND we're likely to see more content as well.

    Two months is not that long of a wait, so you should head to the shop and purchase the Beta package OR the Collector package (which includes the Beta plus some more goodies) and hold on tight. In the meantime, there are many streamers who are playing the Everspace Alpha through Youtube, Twitch and many other forms of media.

    Hope to see you later, space cadet!
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    Thanks Giraffasaur, I'm already an owner of a collector package and some keys are still available to win on the Rockfish games twitter so I'll stay tune.
    I can get this game out of my head, it's been a long time I didn't fell in love a this point so, still a chance.
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