button to Auto Center cursor

SkyhoshiSkyhoshi Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 2
I'm using a mouse + gamepad (Logitec G13) and what I'm finding is it would be a nice to have an "Auto Center" or Zero Space button for the cursor while your working around. I find in when I go in menus and mouse around, then come out, when I move the mouse i'm tacked to that spot that will be much different than where I left. I'd like the ability to be able to zero the cursor. what I mean is the game ignores the mouse location and move the cursor to the center when pressed. essentially resetting the hud.


  • ShiuzanShiuzan Customer Posts: 76
    Please keep in mind that the game is in alpha.
    How I would go by implementing this would be making it automatic upon exiting the menu. Instead of it being a button to press.
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