Alien Warships - Question to Dev

LunoruLunoru Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 75
Hello there, so I've been fighting the alien warships for .. let's just say I have one standing in my sector for testing purposes

So I've been killing it's drones, destroyed all of it's turrets and shot the ship from All of the possible angles: From the bottom, from the top, from the left, from the right, from the front even from the back where it's main engines lies.

Nothing I do seem to deal any damage to it and it also seems like the front hanger should open to deal some damage inside? Idk. It's impossible to take it down. I currently have all of the perks maxed and I can't take it down with all of the rockets, Gatling, plasma lasers and everything. Nothing seems to damage them.

So a question to Developers. Is it possible to kill it and if it is, can you hint it's weak points? Like how to disable the damned drone production, because that damned thing won't stop no matter what. Not only it's hard to fight hordes of drones that for some reason won't die from a shield discharge, but the ships simply are unkillable. I've went against it so many times, that I am able to kill all of it's turrets and keep the damned drones away from me under 3 minutes, but I have not seen it's health drop down not even a little.


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    No, it's not possible at the moment. But maybe it will be...
  • LunoruLunoru Member, Common Alpha Backer ES1 Posts: 75
    It would drop quite a lot of loot if it was :smile:
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