Thoughts after several play throughs

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I might be missing out on a lot, but currently I've no frame of reference on which is a better route to go by. Is a medium difficulty more rewarding ? If so what is the difference between the less difficult routes. I've really only pushed past one sector and when I did, I was hoping I would be able to repair or even take some of my parts and upgrade my ship. Which didn't happen, leaving me pretty much on the edge of destruction once I got low. Maybe I'm unlucky with nano bots, but between their infrequency of drops, the amount they heal, and the next part I'm gonna talk about I wasn't able to get far. Some may say I need to get good, maybe that is the case, but I don't really walk into the game with much information to go on.

The next part for me is sometimes a pretty bad part and got really hit hard last run I did. Escalation. I've often noticed, I jump into system a couple of enemy fighters. i hunt them down, after awhile a few more come in, sometimes a lot more. Usually an indicator flashes when this occurs telling me they are inbound. Well if I'm still investigating and flying around (this last time i was just following a terran freighter and escort ship cause I was just curious what they will do and how far they will go), and suddenly I hear the sound of a big ship jumping in, and my screen is lit up by 2 huge -BEEP- cruisers (not sure if that is accurate description of size). Even with me boosting away, they took my almost full health ship to almost nothing and then when I tried to jump system, they finished the job within a few short seconds. Even as an expectation of reality there should be some delay between a ship jumping in, scanning the system nearby, finding me, targetting me, then lighting my but up. And just as much as I can get a pretty early warning about an interceptor jumping into the system... I'd think these same systems would give me ample warning of something 100x bigger coming in (much less two of them).

On the few runs I've actually gotten parts for upgrading my ship, I've not been able to get the items necessary to put them in, much less even know if they are worth the time. So in this drop rates seem inconsistent, and sometimes not workable.

Overall the graphics are quite nice and sound is wonderful as well. I'm enjoying the game, but have not yet felt the time invested into the game has yielded any return on that investment. But I'm also not sure what my goal is. Currently I just play to kill time and enjoy the atmosphere and see how many enemy fighters I can take on and win and get better at the dogfighting, which doesn't really feel like it is dogfighting as they don't miss much and their lazers take out shields pretty quick. Or seeing how far I can get through sectors.

Thanks for your time.


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    Thanks for your feedback! Better balancing, meaningful map indicators and a story will come as the development progresses further.
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