Bugs and Observations

ES_10002ES_10002 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 2

Sometimes when mining crystals inside the large hollow asteroids they spawn inside the shell of the asteroid itself and become non-collectible.

Level 2 weapons sometimes become non upgrade-able even with correct resources - error message varies - error crafting is the most common although sometimes the ui just doesn't do anything in response to the button press.

Level 1 versions of a weapon sometimes become non trash-able after creating the level 2 version in a different slot, both the button on the item itself and the hot key (default) become non responsive.

Game sometimes becomes non responsive after minimizing and returning to full screen windowed.

Halfway through zone 4 while fighting an elite under the effects of black hole gravity the game crit errored me back to desktop. not sure the cause. (although it did allow me to continue from that point when I restarted)

Mineable asteroids (mostly ore) sometimes become overly friendly and attach themselves to your ship while being mined, the item location point still shows at the point of the objects original position while the rock itself is busy humping your ship after shooting it a few times from a stationary position to the side of it.


Playing on 2440 res the text is tiny (a millimeter or two tall) and very hard to read (i have 20/20 vision) on item info of scan results. if when mousing over the thing you are looking at in the distance the text became larger this would be very helpful without covering the game in text at other times.

Lack of materials to scan in each zone can be a run killer in a disappointing way, I'll get to zone 3 or 4 on average play through now, but sometimes runs just die in the first few jumps of the first area from not being able to scan to find where the resources are.
While the large ships/rocks (large enough) and mineable rocks (because they shimmer) are visible if you look without the scan, you still miss a large quantity of the areas which are either far away or have no visual queue of their own. (a glint of occasional light for containers and similar maybe?)
Runs dieing to lack of resources while being able to obtain enough resources to scan each zone are very rare in comparison (I kill all friendly and enemy 'killables' in each zone and collect all items made visible via scan).

System damages are good for all apart from life support damage, the others are all still playable, but every time i hit life support damage it has been an auto kill, even clearing each zone of resources as i travel, the parts to repair it never seem to become available over the 3 or 4 areas i clear before death. (4/4 out of times happened, rest of the ship is fully healed.)
Lack of inertial dampers/primary weapon is annoying but not a run killer ;)

Full screen windowed mode de-anchors itself from the edge of the screen after minimizing. (2 monitor set up at 2440 res)

Playing on keyboard and mouse - I have no scroll wheel on the mouse. unless there is a button I missing on the keyboard this makes item info boxes only semi functional. The down arrow at the bottom of the box does nothing when clicked and
the down arrow on the keyboard moves to the next system or weapon instead. (similar issue on the game stats page for seeing unlocked blueprints)

Upgraded pulse laser 2 (damage/spd/eco) with devastator and weapon enhancer seems to make all other weapons of the similar tier redundant currently.

The freighter body guard fighters keep shooting during their death animations. This feels odd because other ships do not seem to do this.


Would like to see trading ships or zones similar too 'FTL: Faster Than Light', if only so i have something to do with the thousands of ore and other excess materials that accumulate on a run, some materials are definitely either more common or have a lot less use than others. 'WantToBuy' scrap..always.

Request for a scan filter that no longer shows fuel on scan results after you are full in a zone.

Request for anti missile missiles.

Request for a warning message for new players that they have limited time in each zone at the start ;)

Request for some sort of resource return on items dismantled in the inventory or a more visible info update if this is already happening.

Request for basic info about different sectors on mouse over when on the star map, knowing a fuel ship is in a location vs a rebel base in another may change my course depending on whether I need it or not.

Request for some sort of indication on screen who my currently locked missile target is.

Gunships are fun

Avoid warships...

Very fun so far, Looking forward to future content!

Good Luck - Have Fun - Kill All - Don't Die.


  • ES_10002ES_10002 Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 2
    Sorry, forgot to add - version ALPHA v0.0.0.26475
    windows 10
    intel i7-5930k @3.50ghz
    32gb ram
    3x Geforce GTX 970 (SLI)

  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,157
    Thanks for the feedback, very helpful bugs and observations. We will definitely include some of the requests, for example trading ships
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