Floodlights ?

GalehannGalehann Member Posts: 5

In my current challenges, i'm asking to destroy 50 floodlights, but I have no idea what a floodlight is... any tip ?


  • Orici_gerOrici_ger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 18
    those are the light sources on the neutral bases the big ore drillers and inside the gate on each end of the sectr just blow them up 50 in one run
  • GalehannGalehann Member Posts: 5
    Ok thanks !
  • Cain TetsuoCain Tetsuo Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 48
    The energy discharger module is useful for this. Just park by the base/drill and initiate the pulse. It will destroy every floodlight in abot 300m around your ship.
  • Orici_gerOrici_ger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 18
    im glad to help someone and i appreciate the response :) in the last years such kindness was missing on any other forum i went too
  • RodayanRodayan Member Posts: 1
    Hi all, I had a lot of problems early on with the floodlight mission too. So: Floodlights are big round lights, mounted on a swivel type cylinder. They look like old vintage lights, as in this image https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/146789269085433606/ You can see them shining a thin bright beam of light into the sky from a distance.

    There are two on each side of the 'landing bay' of a repair ship and sometimes four on the bridge (around the satellite type dishes on the top part of the repair ship). There's two or three on each of those round ore/gas mining sawtoothed wheels. Once you get your eye in they are not hard to spot.

    Please also note that shooting floodlights on non-hostile ships does NOT make the ships hostile. I guess they don't care about them like they care about fuel tanks.
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