Are unused credits supposed to get reset to 0?

madeuspawnmadeuspawn Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 8
After reading the forums it's apparent that I suck this game because I'm not even getting into the second sector consistently, but maybe it's because my ship isn't upgraded enough. Which brings me to my question. Are your credits supposed to get reset to zero if you don't spend them? If so that's fine. I was just wondering.

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  • fdiaz78fdiaz78 Space Optimizr Posts: 101
    ES_10374 said:

    Yes, every time you launch from the hangar only a certain amount of credits (initially 0% but upgradeable with some terrifyingly expensive perks) of your remaining bank are retained.

    They should be banked by default. The perks are already expensive as is.
  • ErixperienceErixperience Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 13
    edited May 2016
    Yeah, 3000 credits for Rank 1 (save 5%). What a joke. That's basically useless. I played a few runs yesterday and only got enough for one upgrade on each run, but I effectively wasted enough cash to buy two or three more.
  • ShiuzanShiuzan Customer Posts: 76
    The reason why those perks are so expensive is to motivate you to play more and get better at the game, I've played many many runs and never encountered any issues if it comes to credits.
    One upgrade at a time is how you start the game out. After that you can get 2 or even up to 5 upgrades per run.

    The point of this is to motivate the players to make smart choices on which upgrades they want, and set goals for their next run if they need a certain amount of credits. Granted the chances that you'll hit a higher average risk sector that will mess your run up and kill you is there, but if you make it it's so much more rewarding.

    As for the initial question, yes they get reset. Just buy all the upgrades you can (I always go for the most expensive ones unless i need something else), and then proceed to the next run. You'll be reaching sector 4 in no time. :smile:
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