Couple quick suggestions

CrimsonSparCrimsonSpar Posts: 2Common Alpha Backer, Customer
Enjoying the game so far, couple things I'd like to suggest that I feel would make the game a bit better.

For ship upgrades, you use some arbritary numbers, shield recharge for example goes from "10 to11" at the start, that's somewhat vague, can you make it a % increase or a time to recharge increase or if there's a method to your madness for the 10 to 11 can you have a hover over tool tip to explain what the heck 10 is?

Also, exit warp, can you make it slightly sticky for the cursor? When I am done with a system it would be nice to flick my ship at it and leave it alone, some of us have really sensitive mice so actually aiming at the thing is a bit annoying.

I think I saw somewhere someone suggested boost and weapon charge on a different pool, 100% agree with that as you really can't dodge anything in this game without boosting or tight hugging an asteroid thus leaving you unable to shoot. 2-3 enemies in the open and it's game over.
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