VR Initial Impressions

Captain-I0Captain-I0 Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 6
Okay, so I have been following this for awhile now and finally pulled the trigger on Alpha this weekend. I have had an Oculus DK2 since last year and am waiting for my Consumer release pre-order to arrive. While there are a few multiplayer space-fighting games out there, I'm really not into multiplayer, and I'm very excited for a single player game of this type.

So anyway, I realize that VR support is very rough right now, with HUD elements being completely unusable, so shortly I will go into it with a monitor to better learn the game system. However I gave VR a try today for a little bit first anyway. I was really impressed.

It looks gorgeous in (and out) of VR.
As far as performance goes, it ran flawlessly on my machine.
I'm not immune to sim-sickness, however, the combination of how smooth the ship controls, and performance, resulted in literally no discomfort for me. I felt like I could fly in that ship forever.

Like I said, I know VR mode isn't ready yet, so I'm not going to worry about the technical issues, but keep developing it and I will keep testing it. :)


  • AkiranBladeAkiranBlade Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 7
    How do you get VR mode to work?
  • Captain-I0Captain-I0 Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 6
    In steam library, right click ever space, select properties and uncheck the one that says something about the steam overlay in VR.

    Launch Steam VR (install it if you need to).

    Launch everspace

    Start a game. Once you are flying around press the "o" key.

    First time I press it, i'm centered above the ship. So you have to press it three times to get a view from inside the cockpit.

    No HUD items work in VR, so you are kind of stuck just flying around and shooting things, but it looks great.
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