Which accure DirectX version is needed?

There are many people out there with DirectX 10.0 compatible hardware, who has installed DirectX software version 11 on there windows. A recently on steam released game also only specified "Directx 10" needed, but then requested DirectX 10.1 compatible hardware after buying. So which accure version (hard- and software) is needed?


  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    If I understand it correctly, you're looking for which version of Direct X you need to run Everspace, is that correct?

    If so, Direct X10 is required. The rest of the minimal requirements can be found here.

    In regards to DirectX10.1, that is an updated version of DirectX10. Essentially, it's just making your DirectX10 better. So, if a game requires DirectX10.1, that just means they'd like you to update your DirectX.

    Hope that helps!
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    Not really. Maybe my description was blurry, english is not my native language.

    You can install DirectX 11 SOFTWARE on every capable operating system, like windows 7. The systems graphic chip meanwhile only support a specific DirectX HARDWARE version. So far, my graphic card only provides DirectX 10.0 compatible hardware, not 10.1 compatible, and there are thousands people out there with that. (You can check that with Start -> run -> dxdiag -> display -> "DDI-Version" 10 = 10.0 | 10.1 = ... hardware compatibility)

    So I wanted to know, if 10.0 hardware support is quite enough, or if I would need to buy a newer graphic card for 10.1 or higher support.
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    If your GPU only supports up to DirectX 10, then installing DX11 software won't actually do anything useful, your GPU (Hardware) still can't perform any new features. You have the wrong software installed in that case.

    The minimum requirements states DirectX 10. So GPUs only supporting DX10 will be able to run the game.

    It's unlikely we're going to see new DX11 or DX10.1 features being used in the game, and even if they are this is probably optional and will only improve graphics quality slightly.

    You'll see a bigger improvement (in FPS) by buying a newer generation GPU just because it's more powerful. DX11 vs DX10 is unlikely to have as much an impact.
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