Extreme FPS Drop When Using Both Gamepad and Keyboard Control Bindings Simultaneously

GrafGraf Member Posts: 2
I am using Rewasd to map my controller's extra paddles to some keyboard buttons to control roll and movement on the Z-axis. However, when I then also use a controller binding (left analog stick to strafe or accelerate, for example), my FPS drops dramatically. I don't have the best computer, but I typically get about 25 to 30 FPS on all low settings with SSGI disabled. When I hold both a keyboard binding and a gamepad binding at the same time, however, I drop to between 5 and 8 FPS, with extreme fluctuations in frame time. This occurs regardless of Rewasd's remap being enabled or not- it seems that just using both binding sets at once causes a lot of problems.

My important computer specifications are as follows-
CPU: Intel Core i7 6820HQ
GPU: Nvidia Quadro M2000M
Display: 1920x1080

This is occurring on game version v.0.7.22403. The save was created on a demo version of the game- not sure if that is relevant. For what it is worth, I don't recall having the same issue with the demo. If necessary, I can test to see if that is true or not- I don't have the bandwidth to spend downloading the demo again at this time, but I will do so if that would be helpful.
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