T Flight hotas 1 controller problems

Having trouble with flight sim controls, I have a t. flight hotas 1 control system. Some axis don't work in menus. My thrust controls are inexplicably and irreversibly inverted. I had the controls set up and working well, I believe I had the thrust axis set to inverted, since pulling back originally made me thrust forwards, and pushing forward to go forward makes more sense to me. However after loading up my saved game I found my thrust controls reversed, and inverting the axis wont change it back. Inverted axis or not, its still the same. Pushing forward on the control makes me go backwards. I really cant play that way, whats worse I just got into a boss fight (or something like that) when it happened.


  • SunnyMcGeeSunnyMcGee Member Posts: 3
    If there's any other info needed for this report please let me know. I'm not super savvy, but I can follow instructions pretty well. I would really like to see this game come to fruition, especially since a lot of other flight sim games don't support these controls.
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