About the railgun sound-design... :)

(Feedback refers to GOG in-dev v.0.7.22403 )

Everspace 2 has fantastic sound design... almost everything is really appropriate to the tech/device and pleasing to hear... except for one thing that stands out as being a little too impossible... ;)

The Railgun really DOESN'T make an "appropriate" sound at the moment... Yes, it's a "sniper-rifle", so although it can (sort of) be forgiven for making a typical FPS sniper-rifle sound, it also stands out as a bit too absurd... It *could* make its current sound while planet-side and in-atmosphere (say, at the G&B base on Nephtys Plains), however most of the time you're in the vacuum of space... so the crack of air slapping back together after the projectile travels through it, or the resulting echo off of non-existent hills... it's just a little too impossible in most circumstances, ignoring basic science to the point that it's immersion-breaking. :)

A railgun firing would be more about the extreme forces involved... the charging of the magnetic accelerator, the extreme stress on the ship at the moment of firing because of recoil / shudder, and the response of the magnetic guides in the barrel desperately trying to keep the projectile from veering off-course and tearing the weapon apart.... Perhaps a mid-frequency hum that descends into an ominous low-frequency growl during charging, an intense low-frequency throb that visibly jitters/jolts the ship proportional to the force of the shot, and a series of very rapid little chirps or a shriek from the magnetic guides in the barrel... maybe occasional/random creaks and groans of stressed metal afterward, because the extreme forces of that last over-charged shot almost tore your wings off? That'd put a bit more science into the "sci-fi"... ;)

Great job guys, even as in "In-dev/early-access" game, Everspace 2 is AMAZING. :D Best spaceflight game in decades as it really captures the spirit of all those classics that came before it. :)
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