Thoughts after the weekend

ZenTigerZenTiger Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 12
I must say, for a game that is an Alpha, it is very polished and can see there is a lot of potential for the final product. I love that I can pick it up when ever and just play and it really seems to beckon me back to try try again.

That said, I wonder just how long this game will continue to keep me coming back and not eventually get worn out and tired.
For now, I do find I am wanting to keep playing to get more credits and hopefully find another blueprint. But find mining kind of wears me down where I really want to focus on more action. It does sadly take a lot of mining to eventually build up a new weapon.
I do hope in the final version that there will be maybe a few more different weapons to kit out with when you start as well as sectors with space stations or refuelling hubs where you can sell and buy items and buy weapons and blueprints.
I think it be great if there is maybe 3 or 4 factions in game and early on if you choose a path that makes you side with one of the factions that it changes the outcome and then the rest of the game you can either rely on the the faction you are with or be attacked by the other factions you chose to side against. Also depending on who you sided with, then opens up different options on their weapons and technology and even fighters.

Other then that, I can't think of what else the game will have to offer to keep us hooked. Maybe that at the end of a sector before you can warp out, you have to encounter a boss or something you have to take out in order to progress. It be awesome if you could blow open week points in capital ships and navigate inside and collect cool stuff then take out weapons generator then the main generator and have to fly out before the entire place explodes.


  • ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Administrator Posts: 373
    Thanks for the feedback and no worries, there is more stuff to come and a deep story will keep you hooked for several hours!
  • 00Ghz00Ghz Member Posts: 1
    I think his issue was with 2 things:

    1. Time filler activities such as mining that might eventually demotivate the player. Same with grinding in some MMO’s.
    2. Enough content to increase engagement and replayability .
  • AlandariinAlandariin Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 2
    I agree. Though I was to late to get alpha access I can't wait for beta. But I do hope there is enough to keep me wanting to play for quite some time. I just hope the game doesn't force you to move on from a sector like I keep seeing people saying. The sector's themselves look to gorgeous to not be able to explore completely without having some cap shops jump in and murder you haha
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