BSOD on startup

I am playing the game via the XBox app on PC. I keep getting a BSOD error (video scheduler internal error) whenever I start the game. I get the initial black screen and just as the loading animation starts on the bottom, I get a bluescreen. I don't have an incredible PC, but the specs are above minimum and have been able to play the game in the past.

Any help in trying to fix this would be appreciated. If I am supposed to provide some information, let me know what all is needed.

Sidenote: I am considering getting the game on steam. Would I be able to take my save data from the xbox version to steam version?


  • ShiuzanShiuzan Moderator, Customer Posts: 83
    Hi there!
    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    I'm not sure what may be causing the issue, could be anything from outdated GPU drivers to corrupted Windows registry. I recommend checking for driver updates first thing. If that doesn't help, I'll do my best to try and find a new solution. Could you share your PCs specs, including OS? :)

    There is a way to move your saves from Xbox Game Pass for PC to the Steam install, StormTrooper626 has compiled a good guide on the Steam Forums:
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