Feedback on the Gamepass Game Preview

I just wanted to make a quick post after trying out the Game Preview via Gamepass.

I own and played the original Everspace 1 on Steam. I had some fun with it for 15 hours, but it couldn't hold my interest for much longer then that. I knew a little about Everspace 2, and that it took a different direction but no details. After noticing it on gamepass I though I'd give it a try and see how it's changed.

And wow was I pleasantly suprised. After booting it up for the first time 3 days ago I've played every available hour and have been completely drawn in. I've reached the current max level of 18 and reached the story point where you can leave the first sector, and decided to stop there for now. I've had a fantastic time and can't wait to play more when more is released.

I've tried out a few ship archetypes and some builds and love the different playstyles you can create. I loved flying the Bomber and shooting everything with endless missiles, and then tried the X-wing looking Striker with a build where i can dive in a massive group in a high-risk sector, link all the ships together with the ult and blow them all up at once, it's hilariously effective and fun.

I enjoyed the story and characters so far. Things are still mostly shrouded in mystery and it's a bit early to judge how it might turn out, but there is plenty of intrigue going around making me wonder what will happen next. Voice acting seems spot on and the storyboard cinematics are effective enough.

Exploration is fun as usual, I really enjoyed the wrecked ship puzzles in the first everspace and am glad to see they have returned and been expanded upon. I did find myself drifting more towards combat then exploration via high-risk zones instead of unknown signals later on, because once the perks are maxed out all of the resources seem pointless, and I'm sure I never found a use for 2/3rds of them.

Crafting is a really fun system but seems incredibly overpowered. I was never short of materials, the only limiting factor was crafting data. I never had to choose between what to upgrade or craft, only about what recipe to get. And I wasn't dissassembling all of the gear I got, I sold a good amount to get more credits to buy ships and good shop weapons. I think the amount of crafting components gained from disassembling could be lowered.

I like the weapon variety. While I found a use for nearly all of the secondary missile-related weapons (except mines, I didn't find them effective) in different ship setups, I struggled to use some of the primary weapons effectively, mainly the scatter gun, flak gun and thermo gun. I found the autocannon vastly superior as a kinetic weapon. The scatter gun scatters too widely to hit anything but a destroyer, enemies tend to be too spread out for the flak gun's splash to outweight the loss of damage, and the thermo gun misses a lot of shots and it's not like the pulse laser is hard to hit with.

Consumables are in a good place, they all have their use. I found I got quite a bit more then I needed, other then the time 4 sniper drones spawned near to where I warped in in a high-risk zone in my bomber. I never went through 10 stacks of healing items in a minute before, but I did then.

DIfficulty is a little on the easy side generally. The main challenge I think would come from an unbalanced loadout. I find the rail-gun almost a must to snipe armor, webbing, anti-missile and sniper drones before engagements start. Without it the game is significantly harder if certain enemy combinations spawn. Say if you're running a missile heavy setup with the bomber and anti-missile drones spawn in at the same time as sniper drones. The damage on sniper drones is so high that if you have no ability to kill them quickly their damage gets out of hand fast.

The interface, hotkeys etc all seem very good so far. It would be nice to have a slightly clearer indication when you're in the map that says which system you're in but that's a minor complaint. Also some weapon tooltips could be slightly clearer, for example with the Gauss Cannon I don't know if the dps displayed is before or after ramping up with repeated firing. And it took me an embarrassingly long time to realise energy damage is just as effective at damaging hulls as kinetic damage is, but that's probably just me being thick.

Overall, lots and lots to love here, and I can't wait to play the final product, great work!


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