Audio Crackling with headphones

I am playing the xbox gamepass version of this game on PC. This seems to only occur so far using my headphones: steelseries arctis 7 wireless. I have attempted restarting the game, changing various graphics settings including all low, vsync off with nvidia vsync set to fast (a fix described in the only google result i could find on this topic) and changing my headphones from surround to stereo. This isn't game breaking as I can play with my speakers personally, but it would be nice to have the option to play with my headphones. Not sure if this should be in bug reports instead, but i figured since noone else reported this anywhere that I could find, it might be my set up's issue. Thanks for any help.


  • shenglongshenglong Member Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention that this is only really noticeable with one specific song as far as I'm aware so far, it's one of the slower ones that plays during exploration. I am still in the early game in case the music changes later on.
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