Vortex Quest Issue / Fix

TzukarTzukar Member Posts: 1
After retrieving Roslin's signature and while in the same room as the cargo pod you can warp out into open space. This bypasses "Destroy the Suppressor Drones (0/4)".

The Vortex quest is then stuck on "Head to the lunar mining colony" with the quest indicating you need to head to the crash site. Returning to the "play" area does not trigger the drones preventing progression of the main questline.

Fortunately if can find your way back to the cave it triggers the next stage but given the level this can be challenging. (Only found it due to official gameplay video and trying to match the flight path)

Fix could be to move the trigger, or at least the suppression effect, to the moment the ID is picked up.

v0.6.21733 PC Gamepass.

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