display modes/resolution incorrect when using two monitors with different resolutions

i have two monitors plugged into an nvidia 2060 super gpu, one in displayport (a 4k 60hz monitor) and one in dvi (2560x1440 60hz). the 4k monitor is my primary monitor and usually the only one i use while gaming. Everspace early access via gamepass seems to have issues with this.

In the start screen, 2560x1440 windows fullscreen seems to fill the 4k screen, but as soon as the game starts (via new game) the window shrinks and only takes up 2560x1440 of the 4k screen. leaving the windows desktop in the rest.

If i attempt to change to fullscreen with 4k resolution, the game will actually spill over into the second monitor and the bottom part will be cut off, as if the 4k monitor is 2560x1440 and the extra pixels that 4k would use is enlarged on the second monitor.
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