“Chip” Damage

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Consider, maybe as a difficult option, allowing “chip” damage.
By “chip” damage I mean that: when the player ship is protected by the shield, or the armor, the hull still receives a bit of damage.


1. Possibly an interesting challenge for some with more “in extremis” moments.
2. Easy to implement (maybe not easy to balance, but should not a problem if it is an optional extra instead of being the default?)
3. Synergizes, gameplay wise, with item usage. Examples:
Tanky enemies expose the player to more hits and thus need to be destroyed faster, so offensive items become useful in order to avoid unnecessary hull damage. Currently, tanky enemies damage can be mitigated with abilities or runaway tactics, however, with “chip” damage the player may not be able to always wait for cooldowns or fly away, thus creating an incentive to use offensive items;
Currently, in dire situations, such as having a ship with a damaged hull and no repair items, the player can engage in indirect combat via turrets or use items to buff the ship, however, because the shield can be recovered (and the armor and hull too via abilities), the player may fall back to “bread and butter” tactics without even considering relying on available items. Having the “chip” damage could make such situations more extreme, thus incentivizing item usage.

Bias disclaimer:
Have played ~40 hours; With good gear and feeling comfortable dodging stuff, enemy encounters feel trivial.


  • AFriendlyViewerAFriendlyViewer Member Posts: 7
    Ha, I found a weapon in game that offers this. Like 10% damage penetrates shield and hits hull. I felt that weapon was pretty useless, since so little damage actually gets through the shield, and I guess it's really only useful against the Okkar, which are shield heavy. Most of the time I just hammer down the shield then hammer down the hull.

    On the receiving end, I'm not sure how I like it. I feel the constant hull / armor damage is kinda of a stress, and doesn't reward me doing the dodge in, hit, then dodge out. Instead, every little scrape is a financial punishment that requires repair. Maybe it's just me not being super good at dodging. I feel the game throws a lot of homing stuff at you at times and it's easy to get overwhelmed by some bomb / missile that I didn't see coming.

    Unrelated, one mission that I have feedback on is the following; (minor spoilers)

    The battle where you impersonate Adam and fight with your elite squad against a bunch of outlaws (happens after a Outlaw boss battle inside a base with a shield you use as cover). That one had so many outlaw ship groups to fight, and each ship group has (what I feel) way too many ships. None of the ship groups were threatening, but just the sheer number of them took a good 15 minutes of constant blasting to clear the level. And this is after an already long mission of shooting things outside, and shooting things inside the base against the boss. I was level 15 - 16 when the battle occurred. I didn't really enjoy the battle with my (the other Adam's) elite squad on my side, particularly as the squad didn't output much firepower so all the work ended up being on me, and there has been no character development with any of those members to that point.

    Still having fun with the game though. Keep up the good work.
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