Easier way(s) to swap ships

When in a ship shop:

Allow swapping the current ship with one stored at the base (maybe at a fixed price);
Allow selling ships docked at the base (maybe at a lower price, possibly a fixed offset equal to swap price to avoid "swap selling" instead of just selling)


1. Quality of life / Less frustration:
It is cumbersome to go back to base to sell ships, such as when the player wants to upgrade them to the next rank. This can be aggravated when, due to the ship randomization at the shop, the desired type is not on sale.
When a ship on sale has a cool model, or color set, the player might not have enough credits to buy it, but could potentially buy it by selling previously bought ships.

2. Does not brake immersion:
The player already as an option to send the current, or new, ship to the base when buying a new ship. Having this feature only at the ship shop would not break immersion.

3. Facilitates gameplay experimentation:
The easier it is to swap ships, the easier it is for the player to experiment with different setups and find alternative ways to enjoy the game.

4. Gimmicks:
If swapping ships is easy, then ship centered puzzles/challenges could be a thing to consider, as they could be easily accessed, only requiring a quick visit to a near ship shop to select the required ship.

Gimmick examples:
Stealth or Sniping challenges with Scout;
Time or Shield sensitive challenges with Vanguard;
DPS or Resistance sensitive challenges with Heavy Ships;
Specific ship shape/coloring requirement for an infiltration mission or to fulfill some NPC request;


  • +1 on this. Went to the ship shop in Prescott Station today. Really wanted to swap back to my Bomber without having to go all the way home.

    Additional thoughts: Save loadouts for ships? (not sure if it's currently supported, since I rarely swap because how long it takes to go back). When you do swap ships, load the weapons saved before.

    Another thing: can the price for ships be cheaper? I feel there's a pretty steep jump from tier 1+ to 2. 1+ cost around 35K, which was annoying, but manageable. 90K for a tier 2 is a lot of grind. For the early access at least, make it cheaper so we can try more toys out!

    Really wanted to try out the Vanguard and then buy my favorite Gunship from ES1, but just not enough money for either ships.

    Quality of Life improvements
    1. can we sell stored goods directly from home base? Again, not sure if it's a feature already since I don't return to home often (all that adventuring is fun). I've been sending a ton of extra cargo back home (thank goodness for HIVE upgrade, and please make homebase infinite storage if not already), and it'd be nice to offload all that stuff not being a chore.
    2. Nano bot repair is super cheap compared to repairing at a dock. I don't see any reason why I should ever use the dock because of the expense. And I think I found a bug: I had a damaged ship component (power generator, I think). I swap it with an undamaged component while docked in the ship inventory management screen. I repair the damaged component in my inventory, then swap it onto the ship, it shows damaged again. The game ate a bunch of my credits when I went through a few cycles of this, thinking I fixed the damaged component.
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