Ceto Ghost Hunt - No Distractors at any of the sites - Can't progress

Hey! First, let me just say, this is an enjoyable game. I'm having a pretty good time with it. Which is why I'm here to whine about my inability to progress the Ceto Ghost Hunt mission.

So, I got the quest as normal, and all seemed well. No reason to think anything was out of place. Dax said his piece, I thought that was that, three waypoints appeared on my map, and I started traveling to each one expecting things to, I dunno, happen. And sadly, that's our problem today. Nothing is happening. I've visited every waypoint, and nothing. I've searched behind the asteroids, I've crawled into the insides of wrecked ships, I've shot literally everything on the surface of every wreck I found, heck, I've even noted that you recycle the bean-bag antennae as a detail on some of them - that's how familiar I've gotten with these.

Nothin. Just... nothing happens. The quest is telling me to go to these waypoints, and there's only outlaw swarms there. If I had to guess, the quest has gotten "stuck" somehow. I've already checked for a save to reload (per a june 2020 support ticket that I read before posting here - figure it could be a different issue somehow since that was a looong time ago), but, as I didn't realize this was an issue quickly enough, there's no chance of returning to a save prior to receiving the quest.

So, lay it on me. What's the fix, is there a fix, will there be a patch for that, or did I do something wrong?


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    Wait a minute... visited one of them again, and for some reason it's deciding to work this time, I think. I've been lobbing between them like a pinball in a machine, killing outlaws like they're a disease and I'm the cure, but the character has finally said "let's find something that looks like a base."

    I'll update this in a bit, just in case anyone happens to google this later, like I did, at their wits end.
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    UPDATE: Quest is progressing. Don't ask me why it's progressing now but wasn't before though. I couldn't tell you if I tried. It's been hours of me just bouncing between them, which is how I wound up frustrated enough to start yappin here.

    Character will vocally prompt when the quest is firing off. You might visit a few in between that do nothing, and if you're like me, you'll visit each site and it'll treat it like it were an unknown signal for some ungodly reason or another. I know your pain. Just. Keep. Going. If you visit them all, revisit them. If they unknown signal event you, beat the tar out of the outlaws and then keep going to the tracked signals through supralight. It seems to eventually sort itself out.

    I don't know why it's that way either, but at least my ordeal is over.
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