low res textures on epic settings

I played the demo from Steam then got the game from GoG, but the full version have some problems for me with textures and effects. No matter what settings i use, on most asteroids, debris etc i get low resolution textures and effects (like explosions)
I reinstalled the game and update the graphic card drivers to last version but its the same problem. Any solution to this problem? Or i should wait for an update on GoG? The Steam demo worked fine even with old graphic drivers and medium settings.
This is a screenshot from game with Epic settings on everything.


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    nvm, i got a reply on Steam
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    I did more tests and its clearly some bug or some incompatibility between my graphic card (Geforce 1060 3gb ram) and the full GoG version. I started a new game and in same areas as in Demo the textures on medium looks bad (except the ship) Graphic card memory is used at 2.4 from 3gb with everything on medium, the memory jumps to 2.7 when i play with settings.
    THis is how it looks with everything on medium settings:

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    Steam demo have DX11 as renderer and everything works fine on medium settings with nice textures, GoG version have DX12 renderer and everything looks bad with my video card.
    Changed to DX11 from GoG launcher and now works fine with nice textures (in case anyone have the same problem)
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