Left Control as Escape

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Replaced the ESC key used on menus with the left control, but when pressed, nothing happens.
The problem may also occur w/ other modifiers (did not check if this was indeed the case).
Not a problem for most players, but since I play on a half ergo qmk keyboard I need to create a layout specific for the game in order to assign the thumb key to a "usable" key code, which is somewhat cumbersome.


  • bmadsbmads Member Posts: 9
    Minor update.
    Not sure what is going on with the control assignment, apparently, on certain actions, mod keys work when assigned as a second key but do not work if solely assigned to that action ( ? ? ? ).
    I was able to setup a config that works w/ my current layout, but I am somewhat confused regarding how the button assignment is working.
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    2nd Minor update.
    The problem is not exclusive to mod keys.
    Just tried using the letter [Q] (solely) to throw/drop objects, and [R Alt, Q] (2 keys assigned) to interact, and the Q key does not work for the first mentioned action despite appearing on-screen as the assigned command.
    After that I changed [Q] to [J, Q] (Q as second key assignment) and it worked.
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    3rd Minor update
    Setting certain action combination such as forward to [Shift] and backwards to [Shift+Alt] will override the first action with the second ( ? ? ? ).
  • bmadsbmads Member Posts: 9
    (After the Kaïth Nebula update)

    [Right Alt] behaves as [Ctrl+Alt] ???
    For example, setting [Right Alt] to Interact and Ctrl move backwards results in ship moving backwards.

    Not sure if this is the intended behavior, personally, I like to have my mods independent for higher control freedom, but maybe an argument against it can be made in this case?

    I share my config file below.
    I did not check if the update solved previous mentioned problems, so the config still has some bizarre workarounds.

    P.S. Keep up the good work!
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