Gameplay feedback

Some thoughts from playing this game.

The Great:
1. Controls are tight. All that I love from ES1 is back!
2. Humor and voice work. Kudos on that.
3. Glad nanobots repair % of hull now. I bought a bomber in my earlier playthrough, damaged it, and it was too expensive to repair so I just ditched it for my previous ship.
4. LOL, Taureem is back! The guy stands out!! I really disliked the guy from the first game because he seemed like a grifter -- all take and no give. But it cemented his name in my mind. I wish the scientist is back too (or the bounty hunter robot). Alas, I can't remember their names because no one had the gut reaction as Taureem.

Thoughts on changes.
1. Inventory management is a pain -- I'm constantly running out of cargo space and forced to come back. This really breaks the flow. I'd like to go on a tour to explore so many things in the system, but instead have to pick and choose what to take / sell then constantly go back. To make this worse, the HIVE upgrade comes quite a bit in (with a lot of investments too), and once I got it, I could not for the life of me figure out how to send story back via automated drone. I tried everything. It was extremely frustrating.

If I had a beacon to summon the Flying Dutchess that I could buy and deploy (for a fee) to sell my junk, that'd be supremely helpful. Also, the owner of that ship sounds awesome, wouldn't mind hanging out with her more and chit chat as I offload my loot.
2. More replayability by encouraging exploration. Slightly concerned with the replaybility of this game. I followed the game, driven by the story. But as soon as the story is over, so is my interest. I feel there isn't enough incentive to explore in this game.
Sometimes I just want to shoot stuff, but the limited cargo space is a huge bummer and turned me off from just randomly investigating stuff in hyperspace, because I need to save my cargo space. It'd be nice if the game hints / leads you to something out there that's optional to find (maybe a collection of collectibles scattered around to encourage exploration), so the player has more incentive to explore outside of the story (other than just to make credits to buy stuff).
3. Faster / more color drops / just unlock a lot of them out of the gate. I was SO excited to try to customize my ship color.... only to realize I haven't unlocked many of them. Maybe I'm spoiled by having unlocked all of the colors in ES1 after a few hundred hours. But really, it'd bring so much joy to my heart (or probably to any new player), if they can paint their ships out of the gate. Who wouldn't want to slap on a pirate flag on their ship to kick off? Seriously, in space age, couldn't the player character just figure out a way to paint their ships? I mean, even pirates with their loot figured out how to draw stuff on their crafts. Why can't I as a main character? That'd probably draw people in.
4. Encourage people to use their ULT more. I forgot I had an ULT and later on remembered but scared to use it because of the cooldown. It'd be nice if there's an actual Timer for how long the cooldown is, so I can know. Not having the timer, and just a gauge that recharges makes it hard for me to make decision to use it.

That's it for now! Thanks for making this awesome game, and looking forward to the next update!
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