Feedbacks on lastest release

First thank you so much for the hard work ! Your game is amazing and I really enjoy playing it, despite the 3th time that I restart the game from the beginning (actualy 120h+ of gameplay already woooohooo). So 100% restarted and fresh game here !

- level difficulty increased by a huge difference at level 8/9 : couldn't do any "destroy the base" mission without upgrading everything and specialize my ship with almost all the collected augment of Ceto (many feedbacks about that one, I know)
- Huge lag on planets or big stations even with half my previous settings on resolution/effects (GTX1060 6go/, M2 SSD, 32Go memory, Ryzen 3800X). I cannot engage combat on more than 2/3 opponents. (many feedbacks about that one too but ... anyway my two cents)
- drone snipers overpowered : can take you down even on crease speed perpendicular orientation. Very deadly with a groupe with armour drone. Maybe a cap or a balance between those two types of drone should be great when spawning group of mobs. One mission I had two group of mobs very close with 2 armours drones and 2/3 snipers with at least 2 outlaws on each group. I tried so many times to make it through (I was level 9)!
- After taking down an outlaw base opencores still pops unlimited turrets when destroyed
- Palaemon'wound mission : destroyer stuck on asteroid on arrival
- Palaemon'wound mission : couldn't locate anymore where to put the 2 cores maybe it missed it but I searched for quite a long time
- Palaemon'wound mission : a little base on side has a bomb thrower turret that remained inactive (with shield) until I come back to the place or save and reload next to it.
- Ceto transit Gate : in the bottom asteroid where to get energy sphere, the radiation effet last forever (maybe not a bug) and Ship on screen kept the effect + couldn't restore life with nanobots. I had to travel outside to stop the effect and heal.
- only 2 of 3 engine producing fire/light effect on the Sentinel II ship (I have pics if needed)
- On Precott, while docking to GnB the dialogs portraits were at upper left side of the screen over the missions's title. (I have pics if needed)
- I got once a full list of only one type of mission (aquisition of goods x6). Well it might just be a RNG thing but it was not great since I was looking for another kind of mission ...

I might have forgotten some more issue but I'll update the thread later on.
Keep up the good work guys !
Love you all ! :ki


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